Tim Warnock. Artist.

Tim Warnock is an illustrator, concept artist and matte painter specializing in feature film work.

Beginning his artistic journey as a graphic designer and illustrator in Montreal, initially Tim’s ambition was to be a book illustrator. Influenced by the work of William Bouguereau, Norman Rockwell, Jon Foster and Drew Struzan, Tim’s course was set to be a traditional painter. In 2001 his eyes were opened to the world of digital media, specifically concept art and matte painting. The lure of working on Hollywood movies was just too much to resist.

Tim has been around the world working at some of the top visual effects companies on projects such as Pacific Rim, Avengers, Transformers - Dark of the Moon, and Harry Potter - and the Deathly Hollows I & II. In doing so he has had the privilege of working directly with and learning from many of the industry's best and brightest.

At the heart of Tim’s work is the desire to create beautiful images that tell compelling stories, take people on adventures, and spark imagination.